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    We use 3M Bair hugger gowns and blankets. The blankets come in a upper and lower version depending on the cases you are doing. We still use a few cotton blankets that are laundered by a commercial service. ------------------------------ DannaGrantRNAlpine ...

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    Does anyone know of any literature that discourages the use of multi-dose medication in hospitals?

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    Dear members, We are contemplating whether to use mosquito nets in the hospital wards or not and if so, how should they be management so as to avoid cross infection? Usually, the nets hang over the beds and are brought down and tucked at the sides of ...

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    Dear All, Our hospital planning to open orthopedic department mainly on knee implants . Pease advise as an infection control where I have to start .Anyone willing to share infection control policies related with Ortho and surgical site infection ...

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