Badger APIC Chapter 75 is one of four non-profit local chapters within the state of Wisconsin. Our chapter is comprised of approximately 100 members who come from large and small healthcare organizations from both the urban and rural areas within the western, northwestern, and southwestern parts of Wisconsin.

The members of our chapter include individuals from hospitals, nursing homes, home care facilities, assisted living facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, hospice, mental health facilities, vendors, public health departments, the Department of Corrections, and the Wisconsin Division of Public Health.

Our mission is infection prevention through education, membership support, professional practice, and strategic alliances.

Badger APIC works collaboratively with our sister chapter, the Infection Control Nurses Chapter (ICNC) in Nairobi, Kenya. Through collaborative efforts of both non-profit professional organizations, this partnership offers an opportunity to gain cultural and global understanding regarding the epidemiology and management of diseases and infections and the challenges we face to improve healthcare for all patients.