Duties of president:

  • Shall be directly responsible to the board of directors for the administration of the organization.
  • Shall delegate committee activities and appoints members to committees as necessary with board approval.
  • Shall preside at all board meetings of the chapter.
  • Shall preside at all business meetings of the chapter.

Duties of president-elect:

  • Shall prepare to assume the office of president.
  • Shall fill the office of president should that office become vacant and subsequently fill the office of president for a regular term as is entitled the president-elect.

Duties of the treasurer:

  • Shall oversee and be responsible for the management of the financial affairs of the chapter.
  • Shall oversee the preparation of periodic financial reports for the board.
  • Shall review financial affairs of the chapter as necessary with legal counsel and/or accountant.
  • Shall oversee the preparation of the annual budget and presents it to the board of directors.
  • Shall be a member or consultant to any committee having to do with the association's monies.
  • Shall be bonded through the national association.

Duties of the secretary:

  • Shall be responsible for the accurate recording and transcribing of the minutes of all chapter and board of directors meeting.
  • Shall submit all minutes to the board of directors in accord with established procedure.

Duties of the membership secretary:

  • Shall maintain accurate records of the membership.
  • Shall be responsible for all correspondence relating to the membership.
  • Shall send meeting notices to the membership.
  • Shall provide the nominating committee with a list of eligible voters.