APIC Sierra Members worked together on a submission to the APIC Film Festival, which can be viewed by clicking HERE:

** Chapter Excellence Award Winner - 2014**

Welcome to APIC Sierra! APIC Sierra serves over 100 infection preventionists in Northern California and Nevada.

Our vision is healthcare without infection in our community.

Our mission is to create a safer community through the prevention of infection by educating, supporting, and promoting chapter stakeholders.

We are doing this through the following goals:

  • Support effective patient safety through the education and collaboration of APIC Sierra members, 
  • Support the APIC Research Foundation through the contribution of funds for continued research,
  • Promote the APIC competency model through continuing education, CIC study groups, and chapter leadership opportunities
  • Promote awareness and participation in advocacy opportunities for infection prevention, and
  • Promote awareness of, and participation in, data standardization opportunities.

APIC Sierra 2015 Mission, Values and Goals