Vince Battaglia

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President of Pathogend of Georgia.

We kill all these germs and more!
Our service guarantees the highest kill rate of pathogens possible (6-log), exceeding traditional cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection processes.
C. Diff  Enterovirus
MRSA  Norovirus
E. Coli  Meningitis
Salmonella  Measles
Tuberculosis (TB)  Mumps
Flu Mold & Fungi
Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease And Many, Many More...

99.9999% Kill Rate of Germs
Our methods utilize multiple EPA registered sporicidal disinfectants that reach every surface within a space.
100% Environmentally Safe

Our methods are 100% safe for electronics and soft materials, leaving no harmful residue

We decontaminate all spaces, using cutting-edge portable Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Fog technology, along with other EPA-certified methods and UVC lights on high touch areas.